Kokedamas. A string garden

In English, literally means “moss ball”

A few years ago I made kokedamas for my daughter s first communion… Very easy without any green fingers or gardener s talent.

This picture is inspiring!

What you need

(available in any good Garden Centres)

  • Moss “alive” or Sheet moss to layer and decorate the globey soil.
  • Small plants (*)
  • Twine
  • Fishing line
  • Bonsai soil: 1/3
  • Soil: 1/3
  • Gravel and water: 1/3
  • Bowl, water & scissors

What sort of plants*?

  • String of Pearls
  • Button Fern
  • Macho Fern
  • Pothos
  • Peace Lily
  • But why not strawberry, ginger, garlic, or herbs?
Photo from livemaster

How to do it?


The main element in kokedama maintenance is watering. While some salespeople recommend just spraying the moss ball with water on a regular basis, it’s very difficult to properly humidify all the roots that way … My advice is soaking the moss balls in your sink. Leave it to soak for five to fifteen minutes, then remove the kokedama from its bath, lightly squeeze the moss to get excess water out and then place in a colander and let it drip for half an hour or so before putting it back in its place. Every 2 or 3 weeks.