Homemade Nougat

My remedy to heal a sore throat. Egg white, honey and ginger. And a Thermomix.

Ingredients (for 6pers)

2 eggs white – 1 works too but I like it gooey (rich in protein)
400gr honey (honey is THE one: anti inflammatory, antibacterial properties)
200 gr nuts toasted or more (pistachios, almonds, ginger, hazelnuts, glazed cherries or a mixture of many of these)
Rice paper.

I tried making it and the result was awfully awful and killed my throat.

(100gr plainflour and 6cl water mixed together and dried in the oven)


2 – mix the whites and the honey together. put butterfly in, 60 mins, 100 degrees, Speed 2, leave the top off!

3 -Take the butterfly out, add in 200 grams of nut mixture*, stir in with spatula

4 – On a flat tray (approx 20x30cm), place a piece of baking paper, then a sheet of rice paper down, spoon the mixture liberally over the rice paper.

5 – Place another piece of rice paper on top, followed by a piece of baking paper and roll out to desired thickness.

6 – Let set in fridge for approximately half an hour then slice up, trimming all edges first, then into 2-3cm strips.

The result is incredible.